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Mail Services

All school mail service is handled by Stores and Mail Distribution (S&MD) and is supervised by Mr. Raimundo Delgado, Supervisor II, and Mr. Craig Buttrill, Coordinator III. Mail service is provided to all schools and locations on a daily basis. Nine (9) mail routes are served each day.


  •  Staff is encouraged to use e-mail, fax and on-site photocopiers to reduce the volume of school mail.

  •  Return addresses should be used on all items for identification purposes.

  •  Use “generic” addresses, rather than names. For example, a mailing to “All Media Specialists” requires less handling than to Mr. Jones, Media Specialist, ABC School”.

  • Please bundle mass mailings according to route.

  • Mail Service is for official School Board business only. Personal mail, catalogs, packages or other personal deliveries are not allowed.

For a list of routes contact Mr. Craig Buttrill at (786) 275-0616.

Any questions or concerns on mail services should be directed to Mr. Raimundo Delgado or Mr. Craig Buttrill at (786)275-0600, location 9181, or mailing address 7001 SW 4 Street, Miami, Florida 33144.

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